Project Overview

Protect Texas Together

UT Austin's COVID App - Campus Access and Contact Tracing

Prototype used for usertesting :'20-Usability---Prototype-COVID?node-id=1931%3A9113

The Problem :
Protect Texas Together App helps UT-affiliated individuals and other potential users including locals to be more prepared in this Pandemic. This project is to critically review and improve the Protect Texas Together App based on researches. With this user research, we hope to achieve the goal of staying mindful of our health and protecting our friends and colleagues as well. We are looking at expansion of the features of the app service such as [Contact Tracing], [Symptom History] and some what new helpful features in the app design for better improvement.  

My role : UX Researcher

Methods : 
Competitive Analysis, Prototyping, User Surveys, Screening, User Interview, Generative Research, Affinity Diagram, SUS, Post-test Analysis

Tools : 
Figma, Miro, Excel

Saebom Lee (UX Researcher,)
Amir Mostafavi (UX Researcher)
Roza Astarod (UX Researcher)
Rishi Dhaka ((UX Researcher)
Eric Nordquist (UX project manager)

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