Project Overview


UT Austin's Dell Medical School
(currently in process)

The Problem :
.Despite a significant increase in the adaptation of electronic health care records by hospitals nationwide, patients have limited control over accessing their health data and contributing their health data to medical care research. There is also lack of focus on user centered design in healthcare products and apps. Most of these products (like patient portals or insurance websites) are built without the patients in mind, and therefore patients have a hard time navigating and using these products.

The SOlution :
The LEAP app aims to connect patients with their health data, giving them more access to their health care information and more control over who can get access to their information as well. The app hopes to accomplish this by rolling out two main features: a "my patient records" section and an "app storefront" section. The "my patient records" section would pull patient information from the "Health Information Exchange" which is a database that stores basic patient information. It would be our job to research and design the LEAP app to include the patient record section, the storefront, and a sample app in the storefront called Aunt Bertha (a clinical trial app that would connect researchers to potential patients that qualify for their research studies).
My role : UX researcher, designer.

Methods : 
Competitive, Analysis, User Surveys, Focus Groups, Story Mapping, Sketching, Lo-fi iterating, Hi-fi iterating, Prototyping, User Interview

Tools : 
Figma, Miro, Excel

Saebom Lee (UX Researcher, designer)
Isabel Georges (UX Researcher, designer
Julie Zhu (UX designer)
Eric Nordquist (UX project manager)
Anjum Khurshid, M.D. (Director)
Eliel Oliveira (Developer)
Vishal Abrol (Developer)
Monique Vasquez (Coordinator)
Carmen Valdez, Ph.D (Coordinator)

Hi-Fidelity Deliverables

Design Iteration:
Based on the research feedback, we moved on to the final design iteration in the Hi-fidelity to better communicate with the developers. Also, we added logo design ideas based on the research and design. 

Saebom Lee (UX/UI designer)
Isabel Georges (UX/UI designer)
Christina Rodriguez (UI/Graphic Designer)

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