PAGER is the brand new input device for the E-reader specialized in leisure reading - as much as you want, anywhere and anytime - for more intellectually exciting reading experience. Nowadays, readers consume a mass amount of E-books with the emerging trend of ‘Web-fiction’ with E-reader. 

While E-reader is differentiated from the general full-colored mobile devices such as tablet PC or smartphone, current input devices in the E-reader is not differentiated from the other mobile devices. 

In this portfolio, I studied how to improve reading experience with E-reader with the new trend of 'Leisure Reading'. Specifically, suited for the handy-sized E-reader, the specific qualities such as button radius, controllable angle, location are studied in this report. 

Based on this Human-Centered Design, PAGER would add more fun to every page-turning action during reading books with its finger-strain-less & addictively exciting control.
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