Project Overview

Google Design Challenge

7 days Design Project

The Problem :
.This is a 7 days Google Design Challenge 2021. Among the two given prompts, I chose the first one because it seemed more challenging! I hope to show my bravery to choose more complicated prompt, and show how I nailed it!
Here comes the prompt #1 that I chose. 

Prompt #1
Your school wants to provide dedicated spaces for students to help them focus on their academic studies. Design an experience for students, professors, and members of the school community to reserve work desks/spaces in the library. Consider the experience of checking availability, reserving the space, and reporting any issues.

The SOlution : Research and Design
I focused on students group as the target focus group and wanted to incorporate both studying-alone group. and studying-with-friends group. Also, I wanted to attract the students who are not a big fan of studying in library and thinks library is boring too. In this design process, I wanted to motivate mainly the student groups (of course any affiliates can use this product!) to enjoy studying in library by supporting them with designing a good reservation & check-in system and gamification with rewards system. 
Especially thanks to comprehensive research, analysis, and target group interviews, I was able to figure out what problems the current library users are concerned with and label out the issues to report.

My role : UX Research & UX/UI Design (Product)

Methods : 
Competitive, Analysis, Target Focus Groups, Story Mapping, Sketching, Lo-fi design, Hi-fi design iteration, Prototyping, User Review Interview

Tools : 
Figma, Miro

Saebom Lee (UX researcher. designer)
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